Friday Favourites Post Valentine’s Day

So we’re a little late in the game here but since that seems to be the way most of our posts are going, maybe we should make it the rule not the exception?

Today’s Friday Favourite will still be (somewhat) about Valentine’s, so my apologies to those who dislike the day. However, this post will not feature anything either Lillian or I have made, just want to make…

Hello from me and my amazing fiance, who brought me the inspirational and unexpected gifts below!IMG_2986


Aw look, beeeeeeauuuutiful roses (actually the first red roses he’s ever given me), my favourite truffles, some awesome local wine, and the cutest card ever!!!

(I’m also going to sneak in here a little something about the “scrapbooked canvases” in the background; my sister made those for me at Christmas, and they are awesome. For those who don’t want to commit to a full album or want certain pictures to be displayed around the house, these are a great idea!!)


Ok, back to that card- see how adorable it is!? And it’s felt, so it’s so fun to touch! I really wish I could tell you I made this, alas, some brilliant person at Hallmark or something thought of it first. Maybe a little ways down the road, I’ll come up with something similar. It has a little Valentine-sy saying inside, but I think it would be great as a “just wanted to say hello” card. IMG_3002

Well, that’s it for tonight folks! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s, whether you loved it, enthusiastically hated it or just decided it was going to be a great day like any other on the calendar!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day on Quintessential Crafts we have something a little bit different. It’s our first post about a crafting fail! We said we would post about our not-so-shining moments too, and we meant it.

So this is the story of Lillian vs. the crochet heart. And sorry to say, but the heart appears to be winning.

It all started when I (Lillian) was thinking about Valentine’s themed crafts. I have some red crochet thread, and thought hey! tiny red crochet hearts! Sounds perfect – cute, and the possibilities are endless; I could make earrings with them, or stick them on cards, on mug cozies, on just about anything. So I looked up a bunch of different crochet heart patterns, figured one out (I actually can’t remember whether I used a pattern directly or went with an amalgamation of a couple patterns), and practiced on some regular weight white yarn:

IMG-20130207-00571Voila! Beautiful! Adorable tiny red hearts, you will soon be all mine. I moved on to using the crochet thread.

IMG-20130207-00572… erm. Maybe not. After a buuuuunch of tries, this sort-of-kind-of vaguely heart shaped blob was the best I got. No matter how tightly I pulled the magic ring shut, the heart just didn’t want to shape.

I don’t know what’s going wrong, either. Anyone have experience with this sort of problem? Is there a reason the pattern would work on the yarn and not with the thread? We have transferred patterns from regular yarn to the crochet thread with no problem before – the snowflake ornaments and snowflake earrings are exactly that:

white snowflake 2 qcrafts 021 blue snowflake sm 1 qcrafts 015

It’s a mystery! I will take another crack at making tiny hearts sometime, maybe try a different pattern.

In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day:


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Wednesday Wonder – Feb 13

Nope, we didn’t forget this week’s Wednesday Wonder, it’s just a little later than normal.

This week our new item is a three-tone crocheted scarf!

scarf 002 scarf 006

Made using three colours of yarn simultaneously, this scarf might be more Autumn than Valentine’s Day, but we love it anyway.

scarf 004And why yes, that is a giant teddy bear used as a scarf model…

scarf 005… isn’t he adorable?

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Wednesday Wonders on February 6th

Well, so maybe these “wonders” aren’t particularly new- but they are pretty wondrous to Lillian and me because they constitute part of our very first commission!


IMG_2983Teal and dark red  (why is it I can never get the colours to look right in the photos?) newborn booties!!!

Yes, these adorable little booties are being made for my future sister-in-law’s baby, my future niece. Woah, I need a feeling-too-grown-up moment for that…

Ok, I’m good now. I’m hoping the little button will sincerely enjoy pulling these off and throwing them on the floor and driving her (look at that Maggie, I’m saying “her”) parents around the bend!

Is anyone else excited by new wondrous additions to the family?

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A Month of Letters

Hard to believe it’s already February 4th… where is 2013 going? But if you feel rushed and like everything is going by way too fast, there is a great way to slow down and take a breath. Write a handwritten note to someone.

And February is the month for that, with the challenge A Month of Letters.  If you haven’t already heard of it, basically it challenges you to write one letter a day for the month of February, and to answer any letters you get.

Although I  (Lillian) am not participating in the challenge this year–though I will definitely answer any letters I get from my friends who are! <3–I love handwriting a letter and mailing it. I think because getting “real” mail (as opposed to junk mail, flyers, and bills) is so rare now, it feels extra special. Plus, stationary! Mmm stationary. I get all starry-eyed just thinking about it. Cute note paper, pens of all sorts and colours…

Still, sometimes writing a letter to someone feels like too much. You don’t have time to sit down and write out a letter, or you don’t know what to say, or everything you’d say to that person you already texted/emailed to them. What about a card? I don’t know why I don’t send out more cards. Clearly, I love them, and love making them too, but aside from at Christmas, I don’t mail out that many.

lets hang cardI often think I should send more random cards to my friends, with short notes just to put a smile on their faces and let them know I’m thinking of them. Or, what about family? I know I have a bunch of relatives I don’t see very often… What about sending them a card with short note or a picture slipped inside?

Still, even with these thoughts, and tons of ideas for cute cards to make, I don’t actually mail things very often. Not counting Christmas cards, I think I sent about three or four letters all last year. My poor languishing cute cards and paper…

What about you? Do you send out handwritten cards or letters? Do you wish you did? Are you participating in a Month of Letters?

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Friday Favourites on February First

Our Friday Favourites today is a joint one – courtesy of a fun crafternoon (thanks to anastasiamw at For the Knit of It for the term!) spent making jewelry.

You can check out everything we made at our newly added Jewelry page, but here are our favourites:

qcrafts 007We love the fun, bright colours contrasting with the black in this retro-inspired bracelet. Just the thing to combat all the grey days we’ve been having this winter!

But we haven’t fallen out of love with winter just yet… Not when it gives us the chance to make these adorable crocheted snowflake earrings!

qcrafts 015 qcrafts 021 qcrafts 019

What better to do on a snowy Friday afternoon?

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Wednesday Wonders… Woops!

Well not exactly Wednesday Wonders, but better late than never right?

Our additions this week are truly inspired by our crazy wintIMG_2971er weather. For the past three or four days it has rained almost non stop culminating last in a hailstorm and howling winds. The need for coffee/tea/mocha/hot chocolate/{insert your favourite} hot drink has never been so great!IMG_2975

Enter mug cozies! Sometimes it’s nice to wrap your cold hands around a hot mug, but sometimes it’s just too hot to handle, or if you’re like me, you appreciate your coffee staying just a little bit warmer a little bit longer. And wrapping your hands around warm yarn is just as comforting as wearing that favourite old sweater on days like these.

Well, if that weren’t enough for Mother Nature she then decided after washing all our snow away it needed to make a grand re-entrance today. Between theIMG_2970 sunny parts of the day, there have been near white out moments, which always make me feel like I’m living in a snow globe. That said, if I head out today I’ll definitely be bundling up with a bulky scarf.

What’s the weather like where you are?

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