Quilled Ornaments

We have a wide selection of beautiful quilled ornaments. The great thing about these is they are easy to customize in a range of colours, sizes, and numbers (what about a little angel or snowman family? Adorable!) They are also perfect for all your embellishments needs — scrapbooking, cards, etc.

Click on any picture to view it full size.

Blue Angel

blue angel flat blue angel hanging

Do you know someone who cherishes angels all year round, do you have a little angel on the way or are you in need of embellishments for your own crafting?? This sweet angel is perfect for all occasions, quilled with a light blue body and head, and white wings, and only 3.5 cm (1 1/2″) tall. [$3]

Large White Angel

large angel glitter wings flat large angel glitter wings hanging

Angel ornament quilled in white and blue with glitter accents. Stands 5 cm (2″) tall. [$3]

Large Blue Angel

large blue angel flat large blue angel hanging

Beautifully quilled angel in blue with white wings. Stands 5 cm (2″) tall. [$3]

Blue Angel with Glitter

blue angel glitter flat blue angel glitter hanging

Angel ornament quilled in blue and white with glitter accents on the wings. This little one is only 4 cm (1 3/4″) tall. [$3]

White Angel

large white angel flat large white angel hanging

Quilled angel, white body and head with light blue wings. Stands 5 cm (2″) tall. [$3]

White Angel

white angel flat white angel hanging

Little quilled angel, white body and head with blue wings. Stands just under 4 cm (1 1/2″) tall. [$3]

Snowman with Scarf (Blue)

blue snowman flat blue snowman hanging

Like the quilled angels, these snowmen are great for embellishments on cards, scrapbooks, as gift tags, etc! Get a bunch and make a snowman family! Stands 4 cm (1 1/2″) tall. [$3]

Snowman with Scarf (Pink)

pink snowman flat pink snowman hanging

This quilled snowman stands 5 cm (2″) tall. [$3]

Snowman with Scarf (Purple)

purple snowman flat purple snowman hanging

Prefer purple? Or for that matter any other colour? Ask us about making you a snowman (or snowman family) with whatever colour(s) you want! This one stands 4.5 cm (1 3/4″) tall. [$3]

Snowman with Scarf (Yellow)

yellow snowman flat yellow snowman hanging

This mellow-yellow fellow stands 4.5 cm (1 3/4″) tall.  Though our snowman only reach about 5 cm, a range of sizes is possible, ask us if you need something smaller or larger! [$3]


cardinal flat cardinal hanging

Tweet tweet, you are so sweet! This little birdie stands 5 cm (2″) tall. Don’t care for cardinals? Comment on what birdies you like and we’ll see if we can design it! [$3]


poinsettia flat poinsettia hanging

What a pretty poinsettia! 6.5 cm (2 3/4″) in height. Can make this in the less traditional white, or really any other colour. [$3]


present flat present hanging

Need a gift for someone? Though this one is Christmass-y in colour, any colours can be used! 4 cm (1 1/2″) in height. [$3]

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