Crochet Ornaments

Our love of crocheting and Christmas collide! Hang these pretty little ornaments on your tree, off of a gift, or anywhere your creative mind can imagine!

Click on any picture to view it full size.

Christmas Bonbons

bonbon 1 bonbon 2

Do you like the cute little peppermint candies that pop up more around Christmas? Now you can put them on your tree (or anywhere else that suits you)! Approx. 10 cm (4″) across. [$2]

White Snowflakes

white snowflake 1 white snowflake 2

Snowflakes are great for winter decoration, hang them from the tree, on windows, falling from the ceiling, anywhere you can! Transform your space into a winter wonderland! Approx. 8.5 cm (31/4″). [$2]

Red Snowflakes

red snowflake 1 red snowflake 2

(Sorry about the picture, yarn pictures lighter than it is-we’ll try to get more accurate photos). Approx. 10 cm (4″). [$2]

Green Snowflakes

green snowflake 1 green snowflake 2

(Green yarn is also slightly darker in reality). Approx. 10 cm (4″). [$2]

Blue Snowflake (small)

blue snowflake sm 1 blue snowflake sm 2

Prefer smaller snowflakes, or perhaps just a range in sizes? Ask us if you want different colours and sizes, we can certainly accommodate! Approx. 6.5 cm (2.5″). [$2]

Blue Snowflake (large)

blue snowflake lg 1 blue snowflake lg 2

Approx. 10 cm (4″). [$2]

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