Friday Favourites, the Cupcake Edition

Guess how we spent our Friday afternoon?


Experimenting with different tips and ways of icing cupcakes!

IMG-20130322-00607 IMG-20130322-00608

IMG-20130322-00603 IMG-20130322-00606

We had worked a little bit with icing before, but mostly we were learning as we went along. In the next picture, we have rose attempt #1 and attempt #2… practice really does make perfect 🙂


And speaking of practice… here’s a couple of pictures of us trying out other techniques. We really want an excuse to bake/decorate a cake now!

IMG-20130322-00614 IMG-20130322-00615

Nothing like spending a Friday afternoon learning something new, especially when that something new involves eating a bunch of cream cheese buttercream icing!

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