Wednesday Wonders – March 13

Today’s WW post is… more coasters! I am a little hooked on coasters right now, not gonna lie.

Remember the cute white round coasters from our last WW post? I know, that was like a million years ago in internet time. So to recap: cute white coasters! Yay!

coaster 004

I was thinking about other patterns and colours that I could do, because like I said, I’m obsessed intrigued with all the possibilities for coasters/trivets/potholders etc. Then I realized that coasters would probably be a great project to learn about switching yarn colours – armed with a quick Google search and some blue and white yarn, I decided to make some simple variations on the same round coaster pattern I used for the white set.


And I love how they turned out! (Sorry for the picture quality – my camera battery died on me and I was way too impatient to let it charge, so used my phone instead.)

What I love about this set is that it’s fun, and bold, but still quite simple. And you could easily make a set of 4 (or however many) of only one pattern, to make a completely matching set. I like how all four colour variations look together though.


Or you could pick only one of the bullseye pattern variations–say colour, white, colour–but use four different colours to make a set. Since Spring is on the way (hopefully? we think?), what about beautiful, bright colours like pink, green, purple, and blue?


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