Wednesday Wonders – Feb 27

Well, the calendar might say we’re heading towards Spring, but I’m not sure Mother Nature cares… Although yesterday was warm enough to make all our giant icicles crash to the ground (side note: am I mean person for laughing at my cats freaking out about that? cause it was hilarious), it then snowed all night and most of the morning, so we are back to a lovely winter wonderland.

I don’t know about you, but to me days like this with snow falling steadily and all the tree branches outlined in white mean only one thing: curling up with a mug of tea or hot chocolate. Which is perfect for the newest addition to our crocheted items for sale page: coasters!

coaster 003 coaster 002

coaster 004These ones are simple but elegant in white, but they would look adorable in any other colour too, depending on the colour of your mug sets or decor.

This set is a fairly simple pattern, double crochets in the round, but I’ve seen a bunch of others that I’m curious to try – flower or scalloped shape, granny squares, lacy ones… the options seem endless – so I doubt this is the only post featuring coasters that will appear on QC!

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