Friday Favourites – Amigurumi

This week’s Friday Favourite is not something we have made, but rather something we want to make.

Amigurumi, aka crocheted stuffed animals. Free amigurumi patterns can be hard to find, so we were happy to stumble on to this pintrest board: amigurumi free patterns. Pintrest to the rescue! Now we have lots to choose from as we start to explore this form of crochet — so exciting!

Like this giraffe, for instance, from I love Buttons by Emma. Love this pattern, he is so cute!

Or what about these adorable bear Christmas ornaments from All About Ami? (Yes, yes, we know it’s almost the end of February. We can’t help it, we love all things Christmas!) These little guys are so cute, they could be anything, not just Christmas ornaments.

Or this cheerful little penguin, from! He reminds me of watching Pingu as a kid.

We could keep linking adorable patterns all day… how are we going to pick one to try out as a first amigurumi project?

How about you – which ones do you like best? Have you tried or do you want to try amigurumi? Do you have a favourite place to go for amigurumi patterns?

It’s a pretty safe bet that some of our own attempts will start showing up soon in blog posts here!

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