Friday Favourites Post Valentine’s Day

So we’re a little late in the game here but since that seems to be the way most of our posts are going, maybe we should make it the rule not the exception?

Today’s Friday Favourite will still be (somewhat) about Valentine’s, so my apologies to those who dislike the day. However, this post will not feature anything either Lillian or I have made, just want to make…

Hello from me and my amazing fiance, who brought me the inspirational and unexpected gifts below!IMG_2986


Aw look, beeeeeeauuuutiful roses (actually the first red roses he’s ever given me), my favourite truffles, some awesome local wine, and the cutest card ever!!!

(I’m also going to sneak in here a little something about the “scrapbooked canvases” in the background; my sister made those for me at Christmas, and they are awesome. For those who don’t want to commit to a full album or want certain pictures to be displayed around the house, these are a great idea!!)


Ok, back to that card- see how adorable it is!? And it’s felt, so it’s so fun to touch! I really wish I could tell you I made this, alas, some brilliant person at Hallmark or something thought of it first. Maybe a little ways down the road, I’ll come up with something similar. It has a little Valentine-sy saying inside, but I think it would be great as a “just wanted to say hello” card. IMG_3002

Well, that’s it for tonight folks! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s, whether you loved it, enthusiastically hated it or just decided it was going to be a great day like any other on the calendar!

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1 Response to Friday Favourites Post Valentine’s Day

  1. daniellajoe says:

    Everything is beautiful but the card takes the prize 🙂

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