Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s Day on Quintessential Crafts we have something a little bit different. It’s our first post about a crafting fail! We said we would post about our not-so-shining moments too, and we meant it.

So this is the story of Lillian vs. the crochet heart. And sorry to say, but the heart appears to be winning.

It all started when I (Lillian) was thinking about Valentine’s themed crafts. I have some red crochet thread, and thought hey! tiny red crochet hearts! Sounds perfect – cute, and the possibilities are endless; I could make earrings with them, or stick them on cards, on mug cozies, on just about anything. So I looked up a bunch of different crochet heart patterns, figured one out (I actually can’t remember whether I used a pattern directly or went with an amalgamation of a couple patterns), and practiced on some regular weight white yarn:

IMG-20130207-00571Voila! Beautiful! Adorable tiny red hearts, you will soon be all mine. I moved on to using the crochet thread.

IMG-20130207-00572… erm. Maybe not. After a buuuuunch of tries, this sort-of-kind-of vaguely heart shaped blob was the best I got. No matter how tightly I pulled the magic ring shut, the heart just didn’t want to shape.

I don’t know what’s going wrong, either. Anyone have experience with this sort of problem? Is there a reason the pattern would work on the yarn and not with the thread? We have transferred patterns from regular yarn to the crochet thread with no problem before – the snowflake ornaments and snowflake earrings are exactly that:

white snowflake 2 qcrafts 021 blue snowflake sm 1 qcrafts 015

It’s a mystery! I will take another crack at making tiny hearts sometime, maybe try a different pattern.

In the meantime, we wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day:


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