Wednesday Wonders… Woops!

Well not exactly Wednesday Wonders, but better late than never right?

Our additions this week are truly inspired by our crazy wintIMG_2971er weather. For the past three or four days it has rained almost non stop culminating last in a hailstorm and howling winds. The need for coffee/tea/mocha/hot chocolate/{insert your favourite} hot drink has never been so great!IMG_2975

Enter mug cozies! Sometimes it’s nice to wrap your cold hands around a hot mug, but sometimes it’s just too hot to handle, or if you’re like me, you appreciate your coffee staying just a little bit warmer a little bit longer. And wrapping your hands around warm yarn is just as comforting as wearing that favourite old sweater on days like these.

Well, if that weren’t enough for Mother Nature she then decided after washing all our snow away it needed to make a grand re-entrance today. Between theIMG_2970 sunny parts of the day, there have been near white out moments, which always make me feel like I’m living in a snow globe. That said, if I head out today I’ll definitely be bundling up with a bulky scarf.

What’s the weather like where you are?

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