Friday Favourites

TGIF!!! And on every Friday, Lillian and I will bring you our favourites of the week, which can include things we have made or things we would like to make.

Andrea’s Favouritechurch scene blue 1

I love this little vintage inspired bauble; it reminds me of all my grandmother’s old ornaments, most of which we are lucky enough to have still (in original packaging!). Though I love the charm and colour that the old ornaments bring to our Christmas tree, I am also a fan of colour coordinated tress and abstract/minimalistic designs. I think this ornament fits a little bit into each of these categories- so next Christmas, I’ll definitely be painting one for my own home.

Lillian’s Favourite

thank you flower cardgift card thanks!I love Thank You cards. They make you feel good to send, and they make you feel great to receive–anyone who’s ever volunteered knows how much of a boost even one ‘Thanks’ can give you. (And also, this way I can cheat and put two things up as my Friday Favourite :P) Pretty much the ultimate ‘warm fuzzy’ ! Plus they are super fun to make since the possibilities for colours, designs, and embellishments are endless. Andrea went with a beautiful fabric flower and bright colours for her version; for mine, I went with an echo of a simple paper-wrapped package, with some cheerful ribbon.

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