Wednesday Wonders

This is the first of our new weekly feature – Wednesday Wonders! Every Wednesday we will post something new we’ve made.

Today’s is… a bunch of ornaments! Several different types!

We’ve added a page for crochet ornaments, where we have little snowflakes! and big snowflakes! Because what’s better than a winter wonderland?

blue snowflake sm 1 white snowflake 1

… and bonbons, can’t forget the bonbons!

bonbon 2And that’s not all. We’ve also added a new page for handpainted ornaments. Check out these adorable little guys:

sleepy teddy front carollers ornament dog xmas ornament

Or a wide range of gorgeous red and blue baubles, handpainted with a variety of winter scenes or abstract designs. Coming soon: green baubles 🙂

gold snowflake 1 deer red 2

holly red winter scene blue 2

That’s this week’s Wednesday Wonder! How about you, make anything wonderful this week? Which is your favourite of the ones we posted here?

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